About us

Launched In 2016, KC&C also known as Keep Calm and Clip Em In are growing business based in the UK.  With over 25 years of expertise in different types of human hair extensions, KC&C aim to provide high-quality, long-lasting hair at an affordable price.

KC&C are confident we can provide you with real human hair clip-in highlights that will blend in and appear as natural as your own hair. KC&C is the perfect way to buy Remy clip-in human hair extensions online please browse for the colour and style you desire. Also we would welcome any hair colour suggestions you would like to see on our website.

Letting Your Beauty Shine

We acknowledge that in this social media and celebrity watching age, appearance is important. Having the right look can make you look and feel gorgeous and boost your confidence. We work with our products to provide you with human hair that can enhance your look in an instant at an affordable price.

Versatility without Hair Damage

We understand the needs of our customers and realise that everyone is unique and has individual tastes. Where possible, we strive to introduce new lines to cater for our customer’s requirements. We pride ourselves in our products and service and we acknowledge that customer service is key. Our Remy quality human hair extensions have proven popular with many of our customers who continue to make repeat purchases. Our aim is to listen to our customers to provide them with the best service.

Hair Extension Care

For best results before washing, remove all the tangles in your hair with a brush. Apply a silicone and sulphate-free shampoo and gently work it into the hair starting from the top working it down to the tip. Rinse the hair thoroughly before applying a sulphate-free conditioner and leave it for 5 minutes then rinse. Spray with heat-resistant spray, then blow dry and style as normal.

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